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Synthesis of some novel trifluoromethylated tetrahydropyrimidines using etidronic acid and evaluation for antimicrobial activity

Author(s): Mahesh M. Savant, Chirag V. Bhuva, Akshay M. Pansuriya, Anil S. Patel, Piyush V. Pipaliya, Vipul B. Audichya, Pravin Pawar, Yogesh T. Naliapara*

A simple and convenient, etidronic acid catalyzed, one-pot cyclocondensation reaction of 1, 3- diketone, arylaldehydes and urea to furnish trifluoromethyl tetrahydropyrimidine derivatives with excellent yield is described. The catalytic application of etidronic acid was investigated under various reaction conditions. All the synthesized compounds were evaluated for antimicrobial activity. The results obtained demonstrated that 40% of the synthesized compounds exhibited significant antimicrobial activity against all the tested micro organisms.