The Assessment of Metal Pollution in Eleyele Lake, Ibadan, Nigeria | Abstract
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The Assessment of Metal Pollution in Eleyele Lake, Ibadan, Nigeria

Author(s): Peter T Olagbemide, Juliet N Olayinka

Eleyele Lake is a multipurpose lake in the metropolitan city of Ibadan. It receives wastes from the surrounding communities. The objective of the study was to determine the levels of metals in water from Eleyele Lake and compare them against standard drinking water quality guidelines. Water samples were collected for three months at two sites and analyzed for metals using standard methods. Samples were taken with proper measures such as preservation, storage, and labeling. Collected data were analyzed using Microsoft Excel 2013. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS software using one-way ANOVA. The obtained values for metals were compared with the standard values set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local standards such as Nigerian Industrial standard (NIS). Site A showed comparatively higher values of metal concentrations in all the metals detected in the lake except for calcium in Site B which showed higher concentrations. Manganese, iron, lead, copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium were detected in both Sites A and B while chromium was detected only in Site A. Conclusively, Eleyele Lake contains acceptable concentrations of manganese, copper, chromium and zinc while iron and lead exceeded the recommended limit by WHO and NIS.