The Effects of Corrective Exercise Program on Flat Foot Deformity of Male and Female Students | Abstract
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The Effects of Corrective Exercise Program on Flat Foot Deformity of Male and Female Students

Author(s): Farhad Kouhi Achachlouei, Mehdi Abbaszadegan, Abdorreza Eghbalmoghanlou

The present study, in addition to investigating the prevalence of flat-foot deformity among 12-15 year old male and female teenagers, studies the effect of a special exercise program on correcting this deformity. For this purpose, 351 male and 346 female students were evaluated randomly by using “foot-print” technique. Among them 83 male student and 47 female students were considered having flat-foot to some degree. Then out of the total number of the subjects, 30 subjects were selected randomly and divided into two experimental and control groups. These subjects participated in 6 weeks of corrective exercise program with 3 sessions per week. To ensure the validity of the method of evaluation by foot-print, 3 subjects were X-ray in pre and post tests tags. The information related to the subjects’ health status and movement habits were also collected through questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed statistically by method of x 2 (P≤0.05) which led to the following results. The prevalence of flat-foot deformity in males is higher than females. There is a significant relationship between age and weight of the students and this deformity (P≤0.05). It means that older, heavier and endomorphic subjects had more problems about flat-footedness. The results of the post-test also did not indicate a significant relationship between 18 sessions of exercise program and the correction of this deformity among subjects (P≤0.05). Therefore considering the high prevalence of flat-foot deformity among teenagers, and its negative effects on their health, it is emphasized in this study that a more serious attention should be paid to recognition, prevention and correction of this deformity. according to the out comes of researches it also seems that using X-ray method has been useful in the sifting stage , and to be more effective , taking exercise , increasing intensives and time of exercise and using other complementary methods such as medical shoes during exercise and after that and using surgery in secretive cases can be effective in the cure near flat- footed people