The Impact of Nutrition and Its Deviations upon Child‚??s Health- Literature | Abstract
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The Impact of Nutrition and Its Deviations upon Child‚??s Health- Literature

Author(s): Dr. Sirma Todorova Angelova

Balanced and rational dietary regimes provide essential nutrients for the proper functioning, regular growth and development, and common health status of children. Studies accentuate on the considerable impact of eating habits upon the initiation and progression of systemic and oral-dental disorders in different periods of childhood.
The condition of malnutrition is associated to disturbed equilibrium between the intake and consumption of energy and nutrients. Some non-communicable diseases can be provoked by surplus or insufficiency of nutrients. Under-nutrition and obesity afflict social, medical and economic aspects of life in a world-wide scale on personal and social level. Screening of malnutrition plays a significant role for timely detection and evaluation of the risk of disturbed nutritional status in children. Pediatric Feeding Disorder is related to the state of nutritional, medical or psychosocial decompensation.
During the last decade evidence-based investigations by Christensen and Marsit, Campi—?n et al., Choi and Friso are concentrated on the epigenome afflicted by nutrients, metabolic disorders and environmental factors. It is related to achievements in the scope of personalized diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic health cares.
The contemporary COVID-19 pandemic afflicts the global rates of distribution of malnutrition among children, especially in low-income and middle-income countries and regions. Some of the protective measures against its spread-out result in nutrients’-deficiency conditions for millions of families. There is an explicit tendency of enhancement of the number of malnourished children in correlation to impingement on the quality of their life. Malnutrition has the potential to aggravate and intensify the adverse effects of COVID-19 upon children.