The importance of turmeric extract on wound repair in rat | Abstract
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The importance of turmeric extract on wound repair in rat

Author(s): Hossein R. Nezhad, Nasser M. Shahri and H. Rakhshandeh

Medicinal plants have been used in Iran and other countries for treating diseases for a long time. Nowadays, herbal
medicine is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine. At present, there are many institutes and scientific
centers throughout the world that are conducting researches on medicinal plants. In the present project, we have
evaluated the effect of turmeric rhizome powder extract on healing wounds with acidic origin. We have selected 5
rabbits, shaved their dorsal region, and produced six wounds on them with acid. Some of these burns were
considered as testing ones and were treated daily with turmeric extract and others were control samples. After two
weeks of wound creation, the thicknesses of epithelium in samples tested with turmeric powder and Vaseline were
97±4 4and 76±3.7micrometres respectively and in negative control sample was 50±3.2 micrometres. Statistical
analysis indicated that Z index in turmeric samples versus negative ones and in Vaseline samples versus negative
ones is more than 1.96 thence the Difference is significant (P≤0.05). The comparison of mean reepithelialization
percentage, the epithelium thickness, and crust creation in test with control samples showed that the rate of
regeneration in test samples that are treated by turmeric is about 5-10 days faster than control ones