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The role of obesity diagnostic body physical and biochemical parameters as alarming signals against complications

Author(s): Wafaa A. Kandeel, Heba A. Elmalt, Safinaz E. El-Toukhy, Nadia A. Mohammed, Eman R. Youness, Ola M. Abdelsamie and Elham M. Youssef El abd

Adolescent’s obesity is a worldwide problem which involves chronic low grade inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance. This study aims to evaluate the importance of the different physical and biochemical body parameters in diagnosing obesity as well as displaying the role of inflammatory markers in the pathogenesis of obesity and its related consequences. That may helps in early predicting and management of the expected complications. This cross-sectional study was conducted on 30 obese adolescents and 30 non-obese healthy controls matching in age and sex. Anthropometric measurements were taken. Oxidative stress and inflammatory markers were estimated in blood samples. Moreover, body biochemical parameters, as fasting glucose, insulin, lipid profile, and liver enzymes were also measured. All anthropometric measurements were significantly higher in the obese group as compared to control as well as a statistical significant increase in markers of inflammation. However, PON-1 level was significantly lower in that group. Body biochemical parameters were significantly higher in the obese group. Evaluation of the body physical and biochemical parameters is a crucial step towards management of obesity. This definitely helps in predicting and accordingly early management of the expected complications.