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The study of antioxidant activities of an Ayurvedic medicine Kulathadi Kashayam

Author(s): N. S. Sharada, Mudiganti Ram Krishna Rao, Minu Priya, K. Prabbu, V. S. Kalaivani, D. Kumaran and Lakshmi Sundaram

The present study deals with the antioxidant assays, namely, DDPH assay, FRAP assay and Hydrogen peroxide Scavenging Activity assay of one Ayurvedic formulation, Kulathadi Kashayam, which is a known medicine for gynecological disorders. The report suggests that all the three assays have clearly indicated that Kulathadi Kashayam has very good antioxidant potential which could be one of the reasons for its action as an effective medicine for gynecological disorders.