Toxicity Study of Lantana Camara Leaves | Abstract
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Toxicity Study of Lantana Camara Leaves

Author(s): Shirish S. Pingale

The aim of the present work is to study the toxicity of slurry of dry powder aimed from leaves of Lantana camara. The leaves of this plant were collected from Rajgurunagar, Pune, Maharashtra. The fresh leaves were dried in shade and grinded with high power electric mixer. The dry sample was kept in airtight plastic container and was used for toxicity study as per OECD guidelines by using white albino Wister Rats. The plant material was administered orally at dose of 2 to 10gm/Kg body weight of Swiss mice. The animals were observed continuously for the period of first 4 hours continuously for behavioral changes and then they were kept under observation for 14 days after administration of powder in the form of slurry with the help of gavage. The mortality observations were reported to find out the toxic effect of leaves of Lantana camara. From these results it is observed that Lantana camara leaves powder at doses of 10gm/kg body weight is found to be nontoxic as no any type of abnormal changes were reported in behavior, food and water intake of the administered animals. The Lantana camara plant material was found to be relatively safe when administered orally in Swiss mice. Lethality or adverse toxic signs were not at all observed during the experimental period for our sample.