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Use of Bombax Malabaricum Flower Extract as a Natural Indicator in Acid Base Titration

Author(s): Ramling Patrakar, Anant Deshpande, Sandip Walsangikar, Kamlesh Niranjane, Ajay Gadgul

Bombax malabaricum is a species of the bombax genus, belonging to the family malvaceae. The present work highlights the use of Bombax malabaricum flower extract as an acid base indicator in different types of acid base titrations. The equivalence points obtained by the flower extract coincident with the equivalence points obtained by standard indicators. In case of weak acid and weak base titration, the results obtained by the flower extract matched with the results obtained by mixed indicator. This natural indicator was found to be a very useful, economical, simple and accurate for the said titration.