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Vitamin D status and insulin resistance in obese Egyptian children

Author(s): Wafaa A. Kandeel, Nermin Salah, Moushira Zaki,Maha Amin, Hanaa H. Ahmed, Ahmed S. Ismail, Ola Abdel Samie and Hebha Elmalt

This study aimed to assess vitamin D status in obese Egyptian children and its implication in the metabolic problems that are linked with obesity. Our results indicated that obese children had significantly lower serum levels of 25- hydroxyvitamin D than healthy subjects with 6% and 94% being vitamin D deficient and insufficient, respectively. There were significant negative correlations between vitamin D concentrations and waist circumference, hip circumference, fat % and fat mass. In the current study, hypovitaminosis D appeared to be common feature among obese children and vitamin D level was negatively correlated with obesity parameters. These data provided a clear evidence for the implication of obesity in the development of vitamin D downregulation in children. Interestingly, vitamin D status had no correlation with the metabolic risk factors in obese children.