Dualite Entre Deux Grands Hommes
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Review Article - Archives of Physics Research ( 2023) Volume 15, Issue 1

Dualite Entre Deux Grands Hommes

Comiant Benjamin*
Department of Neurology, Ghent University, Gehnt, Belgium
*Corresponding Author:
Comiant Benjamin, Department of Neurology, Ghent University, Gehnt, Belgium, Email:

Received: 22-Jun-2020, Manuscript No. APR-23-13948; Editor assigned: 25-Jun-2020, Pre QC No. APR-23-13948(PQ); Reviewed: 09-Jul-2020, QC No. APR-23-13948; Revised: 02-Jun-2023, Manuscript No. APR-23-13948(R); Published: 30-Jun-2023 , DOI: -


Our brain is the fruit of the evolution of a cell that has allowed it to organize itself into a mass whose form and substance we now know. A cell that has led this organ to be endowed, just like it, with transmitting and receiving faculties, a biological transmitterreceiver whose interactions have an ultimate goal, our survival, through the surprising adaptability of its means of information, information that it has within its cells, in the chromosomes of its nerve cells and those that make up the whole of our body. A survival that could therefore be altered by a lack of consciousness, the loss of its psychological faculties by a technological support that some, rightly or wrongly, would think to be favorable to us, while our biological condition shows the opposite.


Brain, Biological transmitter, Chromosomes, Nerve cells


Duality that begins with these two illustrious men, Newton and Goethe, here unites to defend a just cause, the benefits of light. Newton was an ardent defender of the physical properties of light, and Goethe was more influenced by it in an aspect that today is reborn from these shards, the beneficial influence of its colour effects on our temperament, our emotions, our limbic system. The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (FQHE)-despite its long history is still one of the most intriguing and widely examined phenomena in the field of condensed matter physics. Although basic requirements for the FQHE development are commonly known and understood (e.g. a two-dimensional topology of a sample, a low but non-zero disorder, etc.), new prerequisites are constantly being discovered. For example, it was recently shown that a high carrier mobility is also indissolubly bounded to this quantum.

A light with multiple properties which, between this infinitely large world, composed of planets, galaxies of all sizes and the infinitely small world, composed of particles, also, of all sizes, illuminates a point on which we cannot deny this fact, their atomic composition is identical.

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Identical with the particle components and the laws of physics which are just as identical on their nanometric scales, so why should we differentiate between what is seen and what is not seen? An atom remains an atom, with its nucleus, with these protons, neutrons, electrons and photons and their wave/corpuscle duality due to their electromagnetic organizations.

So, starting from this principle, why differentiate between the organization of the infinitely large and the organization of the infinitely small, this same organization that takes place at the level of our biophotons in the very heart of our cells, within our chromosomes, these energies, however weak they may be, Doesn't it also organize the unfolding, by attraction and repulsion, in the heart of the atoms which, by their respective affinities, will lead to the elaboration of more and more complex molecules and by this progression, just like the creation of our universe, the creation of our body and its physical and psychic faculties.

I have formed in my mind a team on which my questions can finally find the coherence of ideas on which my mind has been clashing for more than ten years. By dint of being confronted with literally interrogative faces, even dazed, by the perceptible answer of a verbal name whose secret the brain cannot keep to the detriment of a clear and objective answer of a simple yes or no, due to the desperately Cartesian path, conditioned by studies, rigid and without real reflection [1].

Being therefore able to count only on the perspectives of my systems of consciousness, short‐circuiting the time that it would be necessary to multiple confrontations cortiqued to determine their holding and outcome, the links of causality, I made the resolutely virtual friend of great names in history, form a cooperation between great enlightened minds which, by the testimony of their knowledge left on paper, appear just like the testimony of their spirit by the light which reveals by its actions of radiation on our retina, the well‐kept secrets of the birth of the universes [2,3]. Universes that do not come from those that have been materialized, but from those that have been materialized and which, by the well‐ordered faculties of a brain, its plasticity, can at any moment by the play of the unconscious grant consciously the result. I thus formed a solid team whose base can only lead to its peak, composed of Goethe, Newton, Maxwell, Hertz, Papez, Freud, Brodmann, Bohr, Planck and still many others, whose sum of knowledge still leaves today a mass a thousand times more perceptible and consequent than the combined mass that their body structure could count during their lifetime [4].


A mass of knowledge on which I base my research, resulting in electromagnetic waves from the light spectrum in connection with the spectrum of visible and invisible light that coordinates the development of neurotransmitters from the biophotons of our nerve cells, the holographic or bionumeric genetic code. A mass on which energy quanta not only form the universe, our materialized world, but can explain how biological materialization can be induced [5,6].


Figure 1. Biophoton and compton effect, from the creative effect of our entire universe to that of the universe of our cells to the effects of our nervous system.

If there is one statement to be made about the links uniting the universe to the universe of our cells, it is the light source on which they agree, the wave frequencies of the light spectrum! If our galaxy, formed from its neuralgic center, the sun, gave birth to organic matter on the planets in the gravitation of our galaxy according to the intensity received and the distance allowing from then on in favouring the creation by the resulting particle thermodynamics, in our cells, guided by the principles of fluid thermodynamics, it is indeed the light emission coming from its nucleus which expresses all its effects, implemented in their biological forms by the influence of organelles, such as the rough endoplasmic reticulum and ribosomes which will express its proteins [7].

Indispensable brick of the construction of the whole of the functions and conception of the materials constituting the whole of our body and the living organisms in symbiosis with it! A panel of sources of waves and light frequencies, invisible to our eyes, with randomly visible effects depending on the materials encountered, exposed and crossed by it and which reveals to us, finally, a domain managed entirely by the laws of quantum physics. The visible domain or visible light, is made up of an infinite number of coloured lights, whose wavelengths range from 380 nm (violet) to 780 nm (red) (Figures 1 and 2).

When a beam of white light passes through a cell, it is just like a prism broken down into different light spectra according to diffraction, the behaviour of the waves of which it is composed when they encounter an obstacle; the phenomenon can be interpreted by the scattering of a wave by the points of the object. Diffraction manifests itself by the fact that after the encounter of an object, the density of the wave is not preserved contrary to the laws of geometric optics [8]. Diffraction is observed with light, but generally speaking with all waves: Sound, waves, radio waves, X‐rays, ultraviolet. It makes it possible to highlight the undulatory nature of a phenomenon and even material bodies such as electrons, neutrons and photons. In the study of wave propagation phenomena, diffraction occurs systematically when the wave encounters an object that hinders part of its propagation and therefore modifies it. It is then diffracted with all the more intensity as the size of the aperture that it crosses approaches its wavelength: a radio wave will be easily diffracted by houses, while the light diffraction will be imperceptible there. On the other hand, light diffraction will start to be felt in an objective where it will impose a theoretical limit of resolution due to the different frequencies in interaction [9]. Phenomenon which, here, to be understood at the cellular level, could be comparable to what a pebble does when it bounces off a liquid surface which starts to undulate and propagate its wavelets according to the bodies encountered, forming a multitude of centrifugal circles in interaction, thus encountering a multitude of interferences with those created by the interaction of the bodies on which it will bounce, interfere [10]. But this simplification of waves coming into contact is far from representing the waves, which themselves come into contact with those of the particles which, according to their gravitational forces, will also express completely random interference frequencies, making, according to the forces at play, repulsions and attractions, reflection or diffraction. If we continue to imagine this infinitely small world and if we could visualize it on the scale of our galaxy, what would be the observable phenomena? By this question, it is very easy to realize that, if our stars began to spin at the same speed as our particles. Light is an electromagnetic wave that propagates in a vacuum at a speed of 3.108 m.s‐1. This value is a constant, called "celerity", and is denoted as c.

Light has a wave‐like character and is described by its wavelength λ expressed in metres (m) and its frequency v expressed in Hertz (Hz). The following should be noted: Our eye is only sensitive to waves whose wavelength is between about 400 (~violet) and 750 nm (~red). Light, as electromagnetic radiation, is also a form of energy. This energy is transported by "photons". Each photon carries a "quantum" of energy. The amount of energy carried by a photon of wavelength λ is proportional to that wavelength.


h is a fundamental constant, known as Planck's constant; it is 6.62.10‐34 J.Hz‐1 or J.s.

We notice that, for an electromagnetic wave:



Figure 2. Compton effect collision of a photon with an electron at rest.


Its effects would cause a multitude of changes in the size of our solar system, chain reactions due to the masses colliding and which, in turn, as a result of collisions and modifications and so on, from their changes of state into ever smaller bodies to the photons released by the energy thus developed, would create an immense chao, chao which in the particulate world of which our body is composed leads to the beginnings of mutations or evolutions, a change of state induced by the forces of the light spectrum emitted from the nucleus of our cells and which consequently, by the photon emission that they generate, enter in interaction with the particles which constitute our molecules, our tissues, our organs according to their proximities, their intensities and probably according to their numbers! Colour frequencies, passing from the visible spectrum to the invisible spectrum, juggling according to their probability with the maintenance of your life functions and the nervous system which maintains them all, in its capacities, in their balance, our homeostasis.