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Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources

Editorial - Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources ( 2021) Volume 13, Issue 2

Harry Anderson*
Managing Editor, Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources, United Kingdom
*Corresponding Author:
Harry Anderson, Managing Editor, Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources, United Kingdom, Email:

Received: 30-May-2021 Published: 08-Jun-2021 , DOI:


Above all else, I express genuine thankfulness to all authors and reviewers of the Journal of Natural Product and Plant Resources (JNPPR) in the interest of the whole publication board and the publisher. It was with the negligible co-activity, excitement, and soul of the authors and reviewers we could make JNPPR a fantastic achievement. Authors have been a genuine inspiration and key in setting up JNPPR among one of the best journals for publication in the subject of Natural Product and Plant Resources. I express gratitude toward them all for considering and trusting JNPPR as the stage for publishing their significant work. I additionally thank all authors for their caring co-activity stretched out during the different phases of processing of the articles in JNPPR. For the achievement of any journal, reviewers are a fundamental part and subsequently they merit earnest appreciation. JNPPR depends on the endeavors and kindness of the reviewers in evaluating the propriety of an article for publication in JNPPR. I might want to thank our peer-reviewers who set aside the effort to submit great contributions to Natural Product and Plant Resources. The contributions of reviewers are oftentimes utilized in improving the nature of a submitted manuscript. The evaluating of a manuscript is exceptionally fundamental to guarantee the quality of the article published in any journal. I thank all reviewers for their amazing commitments. We know how much time and exertion goes into composing a decent review, and we profoundly esteem the contribution of reviewers who volunteer their time and mastery to give basic input that guarantees the high caliber of research published in each issue of the journal. I value our reviewers for taking the time and exertion important to give keen direction, and we attempt to show our gratefulness to our reviewers. With the expanding number of manuscript entries this year, your convenient surveys were important to control the choice of unrivaled works for publication in Natural Product and Plant Resources. The mind-boggling reactions from the authors and reviewers have been a genuine inspiration and backing in taking forward JNPPR to the following year of its reality. I am abundantly satisfied to bring before you the eleventh volume of JNPPR. Natural Product and Plant Resources is a month-to-month issue release journal that has been endeavoring to exceed expectations in publishing quality articles in the field of Agronomy, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Genetics and Genomics, Ethnobotany, Ethnopharmacology, Ethnoveterinary, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Horticulture, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Morphology, Pest Management, Phylogeny, Phylogeography, Physiology, Phytochemistry, Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Plant Pathology, Plant Production Systems. Manuscripts coming under the scope of Natural Product and Plant Resources are published within 3 weeks from their date of submission. For any questions, one can visit the “Instructions for Authors” tab on the journal homepage or you can get in touch with us by means of email. Once again, we would like to use this open door to thank you for the exertion and aptitude that you add to exploring, without which it is difficult to maintain the high standards of peer-reviewed journals.