Note on Misconceptions about the Ozone Layer
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Commentary - Archives of Physics Research ( 2023) Volume 15, Issue 4

Note on Misconceptions about the Ozone Layer

Kishore NS*
Department of Physical Research, University of Kota, Kota, India
*Corresponding Author:
Kishore NS, Department of Physical Research, University of Kota, Kota, India, Email:

Received: 18-May-2023, Manuscript No. APR-23-99149; Editor assigned: 22-May-2023, Pre QC No. APR-23-99149 (PQ); Reviewed: 05-Jun-2023, QC No. APR-23-99149; Revised: 21-Aug-2023, Manuscript No. APR-23-99149 (R); Published: 28-Aug-2023


Why is the ozone layer thinning only at the poles? And modern science says that the reason for the aurora is that there is less magnetic force at the poles of the earth and that is why the aurora occurs there. I have learned that the magnetic force is greater at the magnetic poles. How does the magnetic effect decrease at the poles? How does modern science come up with contradictory ideas?

A magnetic field has no ability to block radiation. The ability of a magnetic field to block radiation has not yet been scientifically demonstrated. It is a great comedy that radiation can be blocked by a magnetic field. Radiation is blocked by Earth's atmospheric fields.

Earth has no magnetic tail. This is because the earth's thin atmospheric fields are tilted back by the solar wind. Allen belts belong to inclined fields. The comet tail is caused by solar activity. The comet has two tails due to charge repulsion due to the friction of the solar disk. Ozone hole is the thinning of the ozone layer at the poles. How did the ozone hole occur? This condition is also seen in the Van Allen Belt. Why is this? The earth is a spherical shape that becomes elliptical due to the earth's rotation. The same reason occurs in the earth's gas field. Due to the speed of the Earth, the gases flow towards the earth's midline. This is the case with black holes and Fermi bubbles. This is why the ozone layer and the Van Allen belt are thickening at the equator. Because it's so good anyway? It is also good for blocking strong radiation from the sun.

The radiation belts are thinner at the poles, so only stellar radiation affects the poles. The solar wind also reduces the earth's protective shield, which causes solar radiation and stellar radiation to descend. The solar wind does not penetrate into the earth's polar atmosphere, but lethal radiation does. They ionize with various gases in the air to form the multi-colored aurora borealis. Solar radiation is either reflected in the gas field or passively converted to heat. Due to the rotational speed at the midline, the energy level is not reached to produce light, so the radiation is converted directly to heat. That is, the atmosphere near the earth's midline is cooled by ionizing radiation due to the Earth's rotation speed. Since the rotation speed is slower at the poles, the radiation is higher there and produces the aurora.


Radiation from the stars and some solar radiation cause the aurora borealis. A protective shield above 30 km shields the Earth from deadly radiation. When lethal radiation ionizes gases at low pressures between 80 km and 800 km, the gases become discolored. That is the aurora borealis. A polar light effect is also present in the black hole polar light jet. Aurora Borealis also exists in the form of a Fermi bubble in the sky Ganga. Due to the rotation speed of the black hole, the black hole gas field is pushed towards the center line. Hence the gas pressure decreases in the polar region of the black hole.

Gases such as Freon only cause a small percentage of ozone depletion. Ozone gaps have long existed at the poles. It's not a big deal. The solar wind does not tear apart the magnetic field but the protective atmospheric shields. When the Earth's atmospheric shield is reduced by the solar wind, the aurora increases, meaning that not only the rotation of the Earth but also the stronger solar wind plays a role in reducing the earth's shield. Ozone is not affected by the solar wind because it is a protective shield beneath the earth. Even a small experiment of severing the magnetic field has not been done and it is unlikely. Even the magnetic field cutting experiment has not been proven yet. The solar wind does little to cause a change in the magnetic field. The comet's atmosphere is torn apart by the solar wind to form the comet's tail.

The speed of the solar wind at the earth's boundary is between 500 km/s and 800 km/s. As the solar wind moves away from the sun, the speed of the solar wind decreases. Did you know that the speed of radio waves is the same as the speed of light? When a large solar flare occurs the radio waves are so intense that it reaches the earth within 8 minutes but does not affect the earth much. But the solar wind caused by a powerful solar flare can take two to four days to reach earth after days. Only then does the radio wave interference increase. That is, radio wave interference is caused here by the solar wind. The solar wind is never a carrier of radio waves. The solar wind reduces the earth's radio wave shielding and causes radio wave interference. When the solar wind is normal, the earth's ability to block radio waves increases, but as the solar wind speeds up, the earth's atmosphere's ability to block radio waves decreases. That is why the Internet is disrupting the power sector. Radio wave interference is less at earth's midline but radio wave interference is higher at the polar region. This is because the ionosphere is getting thinner due to the strong solar wind, so the low frequency wave is not reflected and enters the earth, which affects the power distribution system and the news distribution system. The solar wind has nothing to do with the earth's magnetic field The solar wind can never change the earth's magnetic field. In fact, the solar wind changes the composition of the earth's atmosphere. Earth's protective shield not only protects against deadly radio waves that can damage electronic equipment. Protects us from deadly radiations like gamma and cosmic rays. A high-wattage radio wave from the Sun hitting the Earth would boil the seas and melt the polar ice caps.

When the solar wind blows more strongly, the aurora over the Earth becomes stronger, giving the impression of night turning into day.

NASA does not specify the main reason for the thinning of the polar atmosphere. It goes without saying that they don't know. In my view, NASA is saying nothing. Although NASA says a lot about ozone and the Van Allen Belt, the main thing is not clear. Ultraviolet comes from the sun. The ozone belt is an ultraviolet passive field. We can call ozone as ultraviolet radiation belt. So is the Van Allen belt. The Van Allen belts are a deadly radiative inertial field. Then all doubt will be over. Even the poles have less ability to block solar radiation. However, the polar gas field has the ability to block some radiation. Ionizing the gas inactivates the lethal radiation. The solar wind tails the gas field. But the magnetic field cannot be tailed. The tail is not a magnetic field but a thin gas field. A comet's tail is formed by the solar wind. There is no denying that artificial gases in the earth can deplete the ozone layer. NASA has not officially considered ozone depletion at the poles alone.


Kishore is not eligible for publication in the journal science because it is not funded. I don't know if there is a free journal. Otherwise Ponsarmar should prepare for Kishore Science publication. Kishore Science has more than 40 papers. If no one is prepared for this, it will be the loss of modern science.