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European Journal of Sports & Exercise Science

Short Commentary - European Journal of Sports & Exercise Science ( 2023) Volume 11, Issue 1

The Effect of Physical Exercises Program Proposed for the Development of Some Motor Skills for Visual Disabilities (12-15 years)

Mokrani Djamel*, Benzidane Houcine and Bekhtaoui Djamel
Laboratory of Programs Optimization in APS, Institute of Physical Education and Sports, University of Mostaganem, Algeria
*Corresponding Author:
Mokrani Djamel, Laboratory of Programs Optimization in APS, Institute of Physical Education and Sports, University of Mostaganem, Algeria, Email:

Received: 03-Jan-2023, Manuscript No. ejses-22-81991; Editor assigned: 06-Jan-2023, Pre QC No. ejses-22-81991 (PQ); Reviewed: 15-Jan-2023, QC No. ejses-22-81991 (Q); Revised: 22-Jan-2023, Manuscript No. ejses-22-81991 (R); Published: 29-Jan-2023


The aim of the study is to determine the effect of the physical exercise program for development of some motor capacity to visually disabled (12-15) old Years of the school. Experimental method was adopted for its compatibility with the problematic of the research where she was this research sample 10 visually disabled child males out of 30 child select them with intended method, the researcher depended experimental method with a proposal training units ; and the tools was ( running Test and balance test and power test and flexibility test), and most conclusion was the physical exercise program Proposed has an positive effect for development of some motor capacity for visually disabled category, Therefore, we recommend designing motor and sports programs to develop the physical and psychological aspects of people with visual impairment


Physical exercise, Program – motor capacity, Visually disabled.


Attends This era developed a great at caring for disabled guests needs own both onlevel pain Costume or international , and visual disabilities represent a slice of the population not to be reckoned with. A child with Visual impairment Moves are limited too and practice physical activity rarely, it depends on the movement of the arms tothe first degree to explore the world of him, he seeks persevered in Develop his senses other higher degrees to compensate for his loss of sight and mention just who among Properties self-mobility limitations in kinetics skills and growing in solving mobility Add to limited his movement as a result of its limited on Perceiving things away , A lack of physical activity puts visually impaired children at a high risk of not developing the locomotors skills necessary for preserving general health and maintaining the fitness levels needed for performing everyday activities [1].Visual impairment and sensory defects result in difficulty in physical movement, efficient movement, and safety concerns for physical exercises [2]. As a consequence, the visually impaired demonstrate difficulties of dynamic and static balance, poor posture, deficient motor coordination, impaired mobility and gait, and inappropriate muscle tone [3]. This could lead to lower ability to perform various physical exercises. Many visually impaired individuals do not voluntarily participate in sport activities. Children and adults who are blind have low levels of physical activity and are considerably less active compared with the general population [4]. And it is Individuals with visual disabilities from more categories own need to practice motor activity and sports as a result of the occurrence of problems resulting from inadequate Visual sense as well as their palaces in the perception of the environment and interact with them effectively, and are considered more vision sensory input the importance of motor development process that are expected to be adversely affected in comparison to their peers. And points that the relationship between Visual disabilities and exercise activities sports and kinetic relationship of correlation, because this later has an effected role in achieving the demands of growth and development Capacity kinetics in children, as do various movements sports physical required of weights and extensions dynamic maximum which depend on efficiency stems and rubber muscles , tendons and ligaments, because software kinetics Lead to improve physical abilities, motor skills , cognitive and emotive In this regard, some studies in this area concerned as a slave [5]. about application programs own children blind showing her that the child blind Enabling him to take advantage of the activities and experiences of educational to acquire information and skills based on that As for his senses , them play, interaction , social development skills , activities of applied For children the before school for the handicapped visually which concluded that children blind more interaction and active with peers misfits and became their love work teamwork especially > In activities hard. and theme activity code for children who are blind and handicapped partly in Germany, showing that the blind received a proportion (63%) While Misfits received a percentage of 83 % when Comparing the performance of the activity of the foot and hand shown , The results provide blind partly on blind completely [6]. While the class A with visual disabilities have poor in fitness and skills mobility led to working with this category as study Berivan and the study of which based on fitness for visual disabilities, so that emphasized the importance of improving the capacity of physical and motor skills for visual disabilities from within programs Motor sports and applied through physical problems Kinetic , which faces with Visual impairment such as balance, stand, sit, reception or deal, running and jogging.And of course some physical aspects niveau noted weakness in some physical and kinetic performance capabilities for visual disabilities compared to their peers, that’s what paying researchers to do research on the impact of using program physical exercises proposed for development Some motor skills for this category.


Proposing a physical exercise program to develop some motor abilities for people with visual disabilities (12-15 years). Identify the effect of the suggested physical exercise program in developing the motor abilities under consideration for this group. Development of some motor abilities for people with visual disabilities (12-15) years


The researchers chose the experimental method of the experimental group using the tribal and remote measurements. A society research represented in 30 individual disabled visually, where the sample was chosen 10 male members ages between (12 -15) years as a trial sample, representing 30 % of the search Community Centre for the visually impaired in mecheria Algeria 2016/2017 school season.

Tests used

Test Jeri Highway 15 meters speed test 15 meters Test Force ( throw ball medical) Power Test (Medical Ball Throw) Test Power (broad jump of fortitude) Power test (of jump board stability) Balance test ( stand on foot one Balance test (stand on one foot) Test f lexibility ( bending the trunk forward from a sitting position) Flexibility test (bending the trunk in front of the sitting position)

Basic Experiment

The proposed program contains physical exercise and Games are small so using Tools and methods , and apply the experience home on sample demos in the field your status disabled visually with impregnated (Algeria), where Department of physical exercise program proposed to 10 units of internship been applied twice in a week since each share 60 d, where it took the program 6 Weeks. To develop some abilities, motor skills for visual disabilities (12-15).

Foundations Building program

T hat Consistent program with the characteristics of this category and with their inclinations and abilities. Be content linked to the objectives of the program. Associated content with reality that lives in the child. that Let out of this category move easily with observance of worker safety and Security during the implementation of the program. Taking into account The principle of progression of exercises are simple to complex and from easy to difficult. Balance Between fixed and mobile exercises physical exercise program. Taking into account the principle of rotation and rest. Physical exercise: Exercise running in place, run fast for short distances, firing exercises, Partridge, capering exercises and muscle flexibility exercises, strengthening exercises, muscle stretching, simple mass games organization Table 1 shows significant statistically differences for dimensionally measurements in experimental sample where calculated T value ranging between 2,67 to 5,09. They are greater than the value of the indexed T estimated 2.26, at significance level 0,05 and the degree of freedom (n-1) = 9.

Table 1. illustrates the signifiance of the differences between the remoteness measurements of experimental sample in the physical capacity test.

Tests T Calculated Post-test Pre-test Significant
Y2 X2 Y1 X1 Significance
Speed 5.33 0.92 4.51 0.86 4.71 Significance
Strength 3.53 0.36 1.64 0.36 1.52 Significance
Board jump 7.56 0.67 151.8 0.93 148.78 Significance
Souplesse 4.08 6.14 28.2 6.2 25.6 Significance
Balance 10.72 12.14 21.84 10.25 13.93 Significance

Result and Discussion

Through Results we Note a difference between standard tribal walbadi this for post metering I have Search sample test run highway where the results are positive in the development of running and Acceleration performance, the researchers attributed this to the program Headquarters Welcomes that contains running exercises and speed in place and jump over to the diversity in using exercise, fitness and movements are frequently with using gear fitting and means necessary and that are consistent with the physical possibilities of visual disabilities consistent with this study of which concluded that the program of educational mobility impacted negatively on the development of fine motor dexterity to the blind. Either in the capacity of balance results were in favor of telemetric And because the researchers that to exercise physical props (stability, motion, spinning and weights) was her role in improving the ability to balance and that’s what I agree with studying peace that a program exercise balance and ease Move him the influence of positive and effective on some elements of fitness and performance nickname among students who are blind, and agrees that the result with [7], and show that the program effects positively and effectively in the development of motor skills in movement and orientation in The disabled Visually In a test of strength Note a difference d between tribal size m walbadi for measuring dimensional, and that a return to the program proposal covering muscle strengthening exercises (throw, jump, Partridge) which was her role in improving strength in the upper limbs (throwing medicine ball) and extremities (broad jump of fortitude) as to the exercises was leading a group of competitive and interesting with the use of some Tools , small different sizes and shapes and that what agree with studying that software kinetics have an effect on the development of strength I have disabled visually examine. Interest in improving jump exercises fitness elements. While the results were a function of testing flexibility for telemetric researchers attributed it to fit on flexibility exercises at the beginning and end of training classes that help to receive assignments and perform physical labor included on negative flexibility exercises and flexibility exercises. These results are consistent with a study to program his kinetic effect on the development of skills essential to the handicapped visually that the factors affecting impact positively on the growth motor for the child with disabilities visually is to give the child confidence self-esteem and confidence in others and imagining physical to put Body in space and encouraging him to use sound to get to things and grabbed her and discovered, As well as on providing activities that use fine motor skills minute synergy Manual and teaching skills of sports traditional As a run and jump and roll and to increase The importance of the movement of the baby blind must be intensifying their efforts in providing programs and sports Assistance in Configuring map knowledge and mobility and the useof the senses remaining in guiding the blind destination right during movement. Further encourage the child blind to do the activity more physical than ratio evolution nickname and to increase motivation for movement and walking leads to expansion of business. Muscle Necessary and good for the body and leads to the high capacity of the child to discover the environment Ocean Him and easily dealt with. Thus, the Development of motor capacity is part of the function of learning , on teachers and trainers interesting , shame on your Car and guide children to skills mobility related to play since childhood, skills mobility which gaining since childhood may be her in continuity in the life of a child you can raise young children skills core Calgary, Jump, Throw- jump ,Climbing , Dangling. payment , screwing allkov and others of other skills and so on Through the practice of physical and sporting activities and even recreational activities are activities that granular For private self in infancy [8-11].


Employment of the proposed physical exercise program for its positive impact on the development of motor abilities in search of visually impairment people (12-15 years)

Differences in motor abilities under study between pre-measurement and post-measurement in favor of post-measurement in the research sample due to participation in motor and sports activities Attention to improving motor aspects (physical abilities, motor performance) for people Visual Disability (12-15 years).