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Benzidane Houcine

Laboratory of Programs Optimization in APS, Institute of Physical Education and Sports, University of Mostaganem, Algeria


  • Short Commentary   
    The Effect of Physical Exercises Program Proposed for the Development of Some Motor Skills for Visual Disabilities (12-15 years)
    Author(s): Mokrani Djamel*, Benzidane Houcine and Bekhtaoui Djamel

    The aim of the study is to determine the effect of the physical exercise program for development of some motor capacity to visually disabled (12-15) old Years of the school. Experimental method was adopted for its compatibility with the problematic of the research where she was this research sample 10 visually disabled child males out of 30 child select them with intended method, the researcher depended experimental method with a proposal training units ; and the tools was ( running Test and balance test and power test and flexibility test), and most conclusion was the physical exercise program Proposed has an positive effect for development of some motor capacity for visually disabled category, Therefore, we recommend designing motor and sports programs to develop the physical and psychological aspects of people with visual impairment .. Read More»

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