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Amit Shanbag

Department of Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Goa, India


  • Review   
    Life Cycle Assessment of Methyl Bromide Production and Utilization: Cradle to Grave Analysis
    Author(s): Sampatrao Manjare* and Amit Shanbag

    Methyl bromide is an effective and useful insecticide. It has ability to enter rapidly into materials at room temperature and pressure. Nowadays, it is primarily used for container fumigation purposes. However, exposure to it causes serious health-related issues. It is also one of the ozone-depleting substances. In this work, “cradle to gate” and “cradle to grave” approaches are considered to carry out a life cycle assessment of methyl bromide production. Sima Pro software with the IMPACT 2002+ method is used to compute the results. From the results of cradle to gate approach, it is inferred that major emissions are due to usage of plant utilities and methanol production process which have a substantial effect on the atmosphere. From the results of cradle to grave approach, it is noted that application of methyl bromide causes significant environmental damage p.. Read More»

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