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  • Editorial   
    PEN vs. COMPUTER - how to write by hand improves memory and creativity Neuroscience, Rehabilitation, Massage , Psychomotor skills, Lagree Method
    Author(s): Dario Furnari

    The pen is one of the many channels for transforming thoughts into written words. Handwriting acts as a “memory propeller”. For example, when you are at the supermarket, the simple act of writing keeps the products you really need in your mind; or when someone at school was a shrewd knows that very often there was no need to use the sheets prepared before a class assignment to copy because they remembered everything that was written. This memory would have failed if the ticket to copy had been written or better typed on the keyboard. The latter characterizes the work of many people and yet, even today, children make their first experiences of writing with a pen or pencil. But is it really out of fashion? Today we have the opportunity to write our thoughts in other ways, “keyboard, tablet, touch screen”, and even the signature, once the test par excellence of ou.. Read More»

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