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Demet Castilo

Dr, Editorial office, Annals of Experimental Biology, Uxbridge, United Kingdom


  • Perspective   
    Methods for molecular imaging that will help bacteria-mediated cancer therapy
    Author(s): Demet Castilo*

    An innovative treatment option for cancer, bacteria-mediated cancer therapy has the ability to target a wide range of tumors, may be administered through a variety of channels, is flexible in its delivery, and supports the host’s immune responses. The therapeutically injected bacteria can be seen, and molecular imaging of bacterium-mediated cancer therapy demonstrates that the therapeutic bacteria were successfully delivered to the target lesion. Bacteria-specific imaging is difficult because to a number of obstacles, such as the requirement to distinguish between a therapeutic bacterial infection and inflammation or other pathologic diseases. The creation of bacteria-specific targets that can be linked to imaging assays is required to fully fulfill the potential of bacteria-specific imaging. The present state of bacterial imaging methods is discussed in this review, along with .. Read More»
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