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Florence Wilson

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  • Opinion   
    The Prevention And Treatment Of Sports Injuries By Psychological Therapies
    Author(s): Florence Wilson*

    The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated, but engaging in sports or other physical activity can be dangerous. Damage to a body part resulting from athletic, sporting, or recreational activities is referred to as a sports injury. Acute (sudden) and chronic sports injuries both exist (develop over time). Sport-related injuries frequently have severe detrimental effects on athletes’ physical health. Also possess the capacity to significantly worsen psychological disruption through heightened rage, despair, anxiety, tension, fear, and low self-esteem. Athletes who have sportsrelated injuries frequently experience an instant imbalance and disturbance to their lives, including a loss of their health and the ability to reach their full athletic potential. Extreme injury situations might leave victims permanently disabled or even dead. Such functional loss or the inability to con.. Read More»
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