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Majid Fasih

Majid Fasih, BS sports sciences & physic, Department of sports sciences & physical Education, University of the Punjab, Lahore, India


  • Research Article   
    Kinematical Analysis Of Hundred Meters (100m) Sprinters Of Elite And Sub Elite Level In Pakistan
    Author(s): Majid Fasih*

    The objective of this research was to kinematic analysis of Split times across 100-m sprint performance level. Experimental study conducted through a research national player of Pakistan. Kinovea Software; 0.8.15 was used to find out the respondent about the statement. Results show that athlete performance was associated with a relatively long stride length, horizontal positioning of the foot close to the CoM at the ground contact, minimal braking phase, high vertical ground reaction forces, minimal vertical displacement of the CoM, as well as with high angular and horizontal velocities of his swinging leg... Read More»

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