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Rainn Williams

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  • Opinion   
    School sports and physical education
    Author(s): Rainn Williams*

    Students' levels of self-esteem and confidence have been shown to rise as a result of physical education. By directly combating insecurities and self-image problems, this improves the child's mental health. When one area is skilled and confident, it automatically spreads to others. Because of this, a seasoned athlete or sportsperson exudes confidence in all facets of life, cultivating a positive social identity and an authoritative personality. This encourages the pupils to perform well in the classroom as well. Physical education and sports have been demonstrated to be a means of letting out any bad feelings that students may be holding inside, and since these activities enhance hormones that elevate mood patterns, there is a markedly decreased risk of mental disturbances and illnesses physical education , mental health, Sports, Mind Health, physical exercise, School sports.. Read More»

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