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Simran Ludhiani

Department of Pharmacy, Shri G.S Institute of Technology and Science, Indore, India


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    Novel Application of Mixed Solvency Concept to Develop and Formulate Liquisolid System of a Poorly Water Soluble Drug, Furosemide and Their Evaluations
    Author(s): Simran Ludhiani* and RK Maheshwari

    n today's world of pharmaceutical research, the majority of newly developed drugs discovered are extremely water insoluble. It has issues with multiple developmental, manufacturing, and administration procedures, resulting in a high rate of failure in clinical trials due to poor pharmacokinetics. In the present research, liquisolid system of furosemide was prepared in two different solvent systems of propylene glycol and glycerin. Approximate solubility of furosemide in propylene glycol was found to be 25 mg/ml. In accordance with mixed solvency concept, various solid solubilizers in small quantities were dissolved in propylene glycol to enhance the solubility of drug. In the blend of 10% sodium caprylate and 10% sodium acetate in propylene glycol, the approximate solubility of furosemide was found to be 220 mg/ml. Likewise, solubility of furosemide in glycerin was found to be 3.5.. Read More»

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