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Thomas J Brunsden

Master of Exercises Science Student at Edith Cowan University, Australia


  • Research Article   
    A Review of Literature: Hormonal Responses to Resistance Training and its Effects on Strength Adaptations
    Author(s): Thomas J Brunsden*

    With Strength training becoming very popular over the last couple of years, this paper looks at the role hormones play in improving both muscular strength and muscular remodelling. The hormones in question in this research paper are: testosterone, human growth hormone, insulin growth factor and cortisol. All the above hormones have been of hot de- bate especially with the introduction of transgender athletes competing on the world stage. The Edith Cowan online library Database and Google Scholar were the main databases used to search for articles between the years 2000 to 2019. Fifteen articles were selected for review with two additional papers selected from other research articles. One research review article was also included. Collectively, the selected studies demonstrated that although acute hor- monal levels are elevated after bouts of resistance training, there was little evide.. Read More»

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