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    Comparing Two Methods of Education on First Aid Knowledge among Saudi Football Players: An Experimental Study Design
    Author(s): Hassan M Al Shaqaq, Isamme N Al Fayyad, Youssef M AlTannir and Mohamad A Al-Tannir*

    Background: Football injuries account for more than half of all sports injuries, of which 10% require inpatient hospital management. Athletes in general and football players in specific are more prone to injuries since football is considered to be a contact sport. Thus, first aid management helps to treat common football injuries like bruises, sprains, and strains, none of which are particularly serious. However, although severe injuries are rare, knowing how to recognize them is essential so that appropriate action can be taken. The aim of this study is to assess and compare first aid knowledge among Saudi football players before and after the administration of two methods of education (lecture versus lecture and hands-on training). Methods: A representative clustered stratified sample of football players from football clubs in 10 regions across Saudi Arabia between August 2017 and J.. Read More»

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