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Yuri Paramonov

Riga Technical University, Aeronautical Institute, Riga, Latvia


  • Research Article   
    The Fatigue of Unidirectional Fiber Composite and the Distribution of the Static Strength of Its Components Simplified Daniels-Epsilon-Sequence
    Author(s): Yuri Paramonov*

    Unlike formal mathematical expressions, usually used to process the results of fatigue tests in order to describe the corresponding fatigue curve, it is proposed to base this description on the Daniels Epsilon Sequence (DeS) and its modifications, which describe the incremental accumulation of fatigue damage, controlled by the parameters of the local static strength of the component Unidirectional Fiber Composite (UFC). This makes it possible to predict the corresponding changes in the fatigue characteristics of UFC when the change of components takes place. The DeS-Fatigue_compatible local strength Distribution (DeS_FcD) of UFC components manifested under cyclic loading is introduced. This distribution depends on the static strength in laboratory tests distribution, but does not coincide with the latter. The differences between these distributions demonstrate the specific features of.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.36648/2278-0041.10.2.1

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