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  • Childhood Obesity: Application of dietetics and nutritional science
    Author(s): Kristen Gray*

  • RF and DC Magnetron Sputtering
    Author(s): Kristen Gray*

  • Genetic Diversity and its Conservation
    Author(s): K. Gray*

  • Chemical analysis in food technology and food science
    Author(s): Joseph Lin*

  • Rheological studies of hybrid composites of Polypropylene
    Author(s): Himani J* and Purnima J

  • Spectral, Thermal and Nonlinear Optical Properties in KDP Doped Magnesium Bromide Crystals
    Author(s): Cicil Ignatius*

  • Formulation and Evaluation of Buprenorphine Sustained Release Buccal Tablets
    Author(s): Janagam Venkata Rajkumar*, Ravi Pratap Pulla, T. Kiran and T. Shyam

  • Development and Evaluation of Controlled Release Tablets of Pravastatin for Cardiovascular Disease
    Author(s): Janagam Venkata Rajkumar, V. Vanitha, T. Kiran and T. Shyam

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