Scholars Research Library

Scholars Research Library

European Journal of Applied Engineering and Scientific Research

  • Flexible magneto-electric nanocomposite films for possible non-volatile memory -applications
    Author(s): Ahlawat Anju

  • Carboxymethyl cellulose film-implant with silver nanoparticles for the treatment of burns, with different etiology
    Author(s): Kh.E- Yunusov

  • Effects of mask material conductivity on lateral undercut etching in- silicon nano-pillaretching
    Author(s): Ripon Kumar -Dey

  • Temperature Dependent Interplay between Emitting Species in Highly Ordered Poly as Revealed by Optical Spectroscopy
    Author(s): Agumba O. John

  • Structural optical and dielectric characterization of CdS-Pellet
    Author(s): Himanshu Pavagadhi

  • Disclosure, of the hydrogen generation and accumulation in steel and graphite irradiated in inert environment
    Author(s): Evgenii krasikov

  • Synthesis and characterization of an aerogel based on graphene oxide and polyethylene glycol
    Author(s): Katherina-Fernandez

  • The high quality recycled concrete secondary materials
    Author(s): Katarzyna Kalinowska Wichrowska

  • Structural Characterization of Pure and Doped Tricalcium Phosphates prepared by Solid State Method
    Author(s): Asmaa-EL KHOURI

  • Novel Hybrid 2D-3D heterostructures for photodetection applications
    Author(s): Nisha Prakash

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