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Archives of Physics Research

2010: Volume 1, Issue 1

Characterization and Fine Modeling of Electric Operation of Photovoltaic Panels
Author(s): T. Mrabti, M. El Ouariachi, Ka. Kassmi, K. Kassmi*, B. Tidhaf

Experimental and Semi-empirical computations of the vibrational spectra of Methionine, Homocysteine and Cysteine
Author(s): S. Gunasekarana, A. Brightb*, T. S. Renuga Devib, R. Arunbalajic, G. Anandd, J. Dhanalakshmie, S. Kumaresanf

A RFC Photometer
Author(s): Jahangir Payamara, Aria Payamara

On the nature of spatial hole burning and lasing without inversion
Author(s): Rajib Kumar Dubey and Gaurangadhar Baruah

Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Nickel Nanoparticles prepared by Hydrazine Reduction Method
Author(s): Amrut S. Lanje*, Satish J. Sharma and Ramchandra B. Pode

Microstructural, Optical and Electrical studies on Sol Gel derived TiO2 Thin films
Author(s): SG Pawar, SL Patil, MA Chougule, D. M Jundhale and VB Patil*

Effect of Electron Spin for d-orbital in Electro-optical Characteristics of ZnSe
Author(s): J. Baedi, M. Alipoor and H. Arabshahi

Rietveld Refinement,Microstructure and Electrical Properties of PbTiO3 Ceramic Materials
Author(s): Niranjan Sahu*, Manoranjan Kar and S. Panigrahi

Synthesis and property measurement of three phase ME composites
Author(s): P. A. Jadhav, M. B. Shelar and B. K. Chougule*

Structural, Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline Ni-Zn Ferrites
Author(s): P. U. Mahamuni and B. K. Chougule*