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Archives of Physics Research

2010: Volume 1, Issue 3

Interionic interaction of some amino acids in aqueous K2SO4 solution at 303.15K
Author(s): R. Palani* S. Balakrishnan and V. Rathinasamy

Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties of a new NLO material: Mono- L-alaninium nitrate (MAN)
Author(s): M. Vimalan*, X. Helan Flora, S. Tamilselvan, R. Jeyasekaran, P. Sagayaraj and C. K. Mahadevan

Growth and characterization of α-hopeite single crystals in silica gel
Author(s): G. Mangalam and S. Jerome Das*

Optical and Electrical Transport Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide MoSe2 Thin Films
Author(s): S. N. Gawale, R.M. Mane, S. R. Mane, R.R. Kharade,S.M. Patil and P.N. Bhosale*

Optical and AFM studies on Lead Selenide thin films
Author(s): N. Suriyanarayanan*, S. Prabahar, S. Srikanth, V. Balasubramanian and D. Kathirvel

Astrophysical relevance of Strange Quarks
Author(s): Navjot Hothi and Shuchi Bisht*

Propagation of a 4mm free electron laser beam through sulphur dioxide gas
Author(s): Surajit Bhuyan* and Anurup Gohain Barua