An updated review on the Genus Glochidion Plant | Abstract
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An updated review on the Genus Glochidion Plant

Author(s): Sandhya S, Chaintanya RSNAKK, Vinod KR, KNV Rao, David Banji, Sudhakar K, Swetha R

Nature is the best combinatorial chemist and possibly has answers to all diseases of humankind. Till now, natural product compounds discovered from medicinal plants (and their analogues there of) have provided numerous clinically useful drugs. In India itself, there are more than 1100 medicinal plants grown all over the wild forests. Of these, some 60 geneses are used immensely in medicinal preparations. Glochidion is a very vast genus under which more than 250 species are present. Most of the species under this genus is widely constituted with flavonoids and triterpenoid saponins. This group of plants are well known among the tribes for its anti cancer, hypotensive, diuretic and various other properties.