Calotropis procera (Sodon Apple) and its Pharmacological Activities: A Review | Abstract
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Calotropis procera (Sodon Apple) and its Pharmacological Activities: A Review

Author(s): Zaman HU , Akther S, Mir S, Dar AM, Shrivastava RM, Lone JA

Natural products are obtained from plants sources for maintaining human health, especially in the last decade,
with more precise studies for natural therapies. Now a day, phytochemicals are used for pharmaceutical purpose has
regularly increased in many countries. Varieties of drugs are obtained from medicinal plants as reported by World
Health Organization (WHO). In the developed countries near about 80% of the total population use the traditional
medicine (medicines that are obtained from medicinal plants). Investigation has been focused on scientific evaluation
of traditional medicines for the management of various diseases, the drugs that are obtained from plant origin as
reported in ancient times. C. procera is small, erect and compact shrub, which is used in several traditional
medicines to cure various diseases. As reported C. procera has known to possess anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory,
anti-microbial, anti-diarrheal, anthelmintic, antifertility, wound healing, antimalarial, analgesic, anti-hyperglycemic,
anti-coccidial and antipyretic activity. Different phyto constituents obtained from plants are used in many therapeutic
applications and the plant is a gift for human kind by nature. The present review discusses the uses of C. procera in
health care management.