Chemical deposition of (CdHg)Te ternary thin films | Abstract
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Chemical deposition of (CdHg)Te ternary thin films

Author(s): B.R Arbad, Sachin G Chonde, Prakash P. Hankare and Vijaykumar M. Bhuse

A substitutional solid solution of mercury telluride in cadmium telluride (Cadmium Mercury
Telluride, CMT) is considered as a third generation detector and an important photovoltaic
material in material science. This paper describes a methodology to prepare CMT for the
first time using a chemical deposition technique at 353K temperature. The reactive
homogeneous bath solution was prepared by mixing ammonia complexed mercuric nitrate,
cadmium nitrate and a metastable sodium tellurosulphate (Na2TeSO3) at 353K temperature.
The substrates were rotated with a low speed of 45 rpm in the reactive bath. A slow rise in
temperature to 383K in a span of 3 hours gives rise CMT film. We observe formation of CMT
film only in hot condition and with the use of freshly prepared Sodium tellurosulphate. The as
deposited film was characterized by X-ray diffraction, optical absorption, electrical,
conductivity, scanning electron microscope and EDAX measurements. The film was
polycrystalline in a single cubic phase with average crystallites size of 300Å. The optical
band gap of 0.83 eV obeying direct transition law was observed. The film showed n- type
conduction mechanism.