Determination of fitness level in male and female college aged students | Abstract
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Determination of fitness level in male and female college aged students

Author(s): Morteza JOURKESH , Iraj SADRI , Ali OJAGI and Amineh Sharanavard

The importance of physical fitness to health for all individuals has been well
documented.Physical fitness is a required element for all the activities in our society. Health
related physical fitness of an individual is mainly dependent on lifestyle related factors such
as daily physical activity levels. It was believed that the low physical fitness level of an
individual is associated with higher mortality rate.Physical fitness is also considered as the
degree of ability to execute a physical task under various ambient conditions. The purpose of
this study is to experiment, measure and evaluate the level of physical fitness among college
students of Islamic Azad University (IAU), shabestar branch based on gender. There were
450 students who has been involved in this physical fitness test study which were 250 male
students(mean ± SD; Age: 22.5 ± 8.25 yrs, Height: 174.23 ± 5.2 cm, Weight: 68.45 ± 9.29 kg)
and the other 200 are female students(mean ± SD; Age: 22.75 ± 6.2 yrs, Height: 159.75 ± 5.2
cm, Weight: 56.71 ± 8.84 kg).There were 6 activities in this test which were 12 minute run,
sit-up, vertical jump for explosive strength, 10 meter agility shuttle, flexibility and push up.
All these tests were evaluated the level of fitness from aspect agility, speed, endurance of
cardiovascular, power of leg and flexibility. Physical fitness performance was better in male
students, except for sit and reach test, in which female students performed better.