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Author(s): Gregory Friedlander

Just as energy and matter are the same things, space and energy are the same things. This conclusion requires a different view of atomic structure and a very specific mathematical model. Algorithm Universe Theory (AUT) defines the structure of not just atomic structure but the underlying spatial matrix and re-defines time as an effect of the building of the matrix like force, dimension itself and the source and effects of Quantum Mechanics and the origin of space-time from a non-dimensional matrix. Algorithm Universe Theory (AUT defines the source and effects of Quantum Mechanics and the origin of space-time from a non-dimensional matrix. A mathematical model for generating dimensional features in two equations is presented: 1. Non-dimensional changes occur as the generation of data points: ([-1^x plus 2x(-1)^x-1]) as x varies from 1 to infinity for points generated with a new starting value of x with one new point generated for each change in x aligned by solution order; each point has a fuse counted down by the same counter upon completion of such fuse shifts the point to the next higher state, e.g. -3 shifts to 5 after 3 changes in x, 5 changes to -7 after 5 changes in x with all points changing according to a single variable so that the universe of data points exists in quantum moments of increasingly larger amounts of information; 2. Dimensional Changes use the data to increase n as the limit of prior, lower intervening solutions approaches 1 for 2f(n)^2^n points having alternating positive and negative values with intervening transitional states, such as the proton and electron for n=4 without full compression which would result in a neutron. The interaction of the two derivation equations (both derived sequentially from -1^n), gives rise to results for observed dimensional features such as force, dimension and time using a single variable. Space becomes the densest substance resulting from the math and all other dimensional forms are derived from folding space mathematically.