Effects of allopathy medicine becadaxami forte on the physical performance of male soccer players | Abstract
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Effects of allopathy medicine becadaxami forte on the physical performance of male soccer players

Author(s): Syed Farooq Kamal, Abduhameed Al Ameer and Kaukab Azeem

 To assess the effect of Allopathy medicine (Indian brand name Becadaxami Forte on the physical performance of players, a study was conducted on 18 male Soccer players.All these players were divided into two groups experimental and control consisting of 9 each. Allthe players were monitored for the same diet, since all of them were stayed in the same hostel and meal was provided by single mess. A double blind randomised placebo controlled study was conducted. In the experimental group,each player was supplemented with one capsule of Allopathy preparation thrice a day with milk which did not contained any narcotic ancf banned substance and does not have any side effect (a certificate from the drug inspection department was taken prior to supplementation), comprising of total 510 mgms of mixture extract withanla somnlferra (50mgms), extract emblica officinalis (50 mgms), extract cocculus cordifolius (30 mgms), extract glycyrhlza glabra (30 mgms), saussurea lappa extract (30 mgms), extract hydrocotyle asiatica (20 mgms), extract leptadenia heticulata (30 mgms) extract mucuna puriens (30 mgms), asparagus officinalis (50 mgms), Ipomoea digitata 1 (50 mgms), ashphaltum (45 mgms), mytilus margartiferus (15 mgms), corallium rubrum^ (20 mgms), crocus sativus (5 mgms), acorus calamus (20 mgms), piperlongum (20 mgms) and elettaria cardamomum (15 mgms). Each player of control group was also supplemented with one capsule of placebo thrice a day with milk similar in texture and look to the capsules of experimental group. All the players within both the groups were within 55-60 weight category. Hence keeping in view of the weight category of the players the dose plan for the players of both the group was one capsule thrice a day. Both the groups were supplemented for 60 days. Physical tests to measure Cardiovascular Fitness, Power, Speed and Agility viz. 2.4 Km, Standing Broad Jump, 30Mtrs. Dash & Shuttle Run respectively were administered to both the groups - before, after 30 days & after 60 days of supplementation. The effect of this herbal medicine Becadaxami Forte was noted down through these test. After 60 days of study it\ was noted down that there was significant improvement in the Standing Broad Jump, 30 Mtrs, Dash & Shuttle Run tests in the experimental group, but in control group no such type of significant improvement was noted. From this study we conclude that improvement in these parameters can be achieved with the supplementation of Allopathy n/ad/c/ne named Becadaxami Forte in the players which in turn enhance the performance.