Electro Optical Properties Of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal | Abstract
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Electro Optical Properties Of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal

Author(s): Satyendra Pratap Singh

The importance of liquid crystal is increasing constantly due to their wide spread use in display technology and other devices. Due to their possible opto-electronic materials with tunable optical properties are of great interest today. Mixtures of two different materials both of which possess tunable properties are very useful in forming such composites. It is known that properties of them depend on their shape, size and dielectric properties of surrounding medium. For application of any liquid crystal in practical device it must retain suitable values of certain parameters like dielectric permittivity, dielectric loss, conductivity, refractive index, birefringence and viscosity etc. with varying condition like temperature and electric field. Usually it is very difficult to fulfill these conditions with a single liquid crystal sample. Hence liquid crystal mixture has come to play an important role in device applications. We measure different parameters of mixtures of two cholesteric liquid crystal. From these values we find the various characteristics of liquid crystals.