Ethenobothanical study of medicinal plants against parasites detected in Shiraz, southern part of Iran | Abstract
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Ethenobothanical study of medicinal plants against parasites detected in Shiraz, southern part of Iran

Author(s): Mahmoud Bahmani, Pegah Tajeddini, Behrouz Ezatpour, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei, Nasrollah Naghdi and Majid Asadi-Samani

Parasitic diseases are a major public health problem with negative effects on the lives of hundreds millions of people around the world, especially in tropical developing countries. WHO estimates that three and a half billion people worldwide are infected with parasitic diseases that between four hundred and fifty million people suffer from this disease. Little research has been reported on use of medicinal plants in the region of Shiraz. Study was done through interviews to collect information on the direct method. The questionnaire will include personal information herbalists and native plant list with local information, including name of plant, parts used, use and effects of traditional treatment. The results showed last 15 plants from 12 families as antiparasitic drug used in Shiraz. Most parts of plants used include leaves and fruits that were allocated 25%. The highest form of traditional medicine recorded decoction with 82%. The results of comparing the different regions of Iran antiparasitic medicinal plants indicates that the Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia, Sisymbrium irio, Asafoetida, artichokes, almonds, thyme and chamomile in different cultures shared and used as an antiparasitic medicinal plants. Plants such as Ficusjohannis Boiss, Acanthophyllum spp., Lagenaria vulgaris, Achilleamillefolium L., Cinnamomumverum and Nigella sativa for the first time as antiparasitic herbs are reported. Based on the high prevalence of parasitic diseases, and number of herbs in this study are reported for the first time as an antiparasitic medicinal plants, it is suggested scientific study done for assaying antiparasitic effects reported and revealing effective ingredient of these plants.

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