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Author(s): Zhang Yan-juan, Wang Jian-mei and Li Decai

As the key component of mechanical transmission, the bearing plays a vital role. Both the increase of temperature and bearing capacity would reduce the oil-film thickness of load area, and likely lead to friction or wear in contact areas between shaft and bearing. More seriously, it could lead to bearing failure and the actual production halt. Using magnetic liquid to lubricate bearing would help to improve the performance of bearing under the same condition. But the bearing performance was closely related to the magnetic induction intensity distribution. Therefore, studying the distribution of magnetic field in the inside of oil film bearing was crucial to improve bearing performance. Up to now, many experts and scholars have made a lot of researches on ferrofluids lubrication under magnetic field. The study proposed by Tze-Chi Hsu et al. indicated that magnetic field has a significant influence on the lubrication performance of short journal bearings.