Extraction and analysis of natural dye | Abstract
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Extraction and analysis of natural dye

Author(s): Vinoth Kumar and Rama Prabha

Natural dyes produce an extraordinary variety of products and complex colors that complements each other. Straight off a day synthetic leads to high environmental pollution. In recent year, the interest of researchers has changed over on utilizing natural dyes in textiles, food and cosmetics industries. Natural dye sources are eco-friendly and permanent in fabrics. The present study focused on the extraction of dyes from ten plant materials such as leaves, tubers and flower plants, namely Beta vulgaris, capsicum annum, Clitoria ternate, Ixora coccinea, Impatiens baisomia, Tageta erecta (Yellow and Orange), Lawsonia inermis, Rosa rubiginosa, Pletophorum pterocarpum. The obtained dyes yield a variety of colors and are processed with different types of mordants such as potassium dichromate, vinegar and sodium chloride. The cotton and jute yarns treated with sodium chloride provided best results and showed less wash fastness. Natural dyes worldwide should be increased to prevent us from pollution and other harmful effects.