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Floating Microspheres: An Innovative Approach for Gastric Retention

Author(s): Rakesh Pahwa, Neeta, Shiv Bhagwan, Vipin Kumar, Kanchan Kohli

Various scientific and technological attempts have been made in the development of gastroretentive dosage forms to overcome several physiological adversities, such as short gastric residence time, unpredictable gastric emptying time etc. These dosage forms can be retained in the stomach for prolonged period of time in a predetermined manner. Gastroretentive drug delivery technology is one of the promising approach for enhancing the bioavailability and controlled delivery of drugs that exhibit narrow absorption window. In pursuit of this endeavour, different novel strategies have been undertaken for the designing of several gastroretentive drug delivery systems including floating microspheres. This manuscript highlights various developmental approaches, characterization aspects, potential drug candidates along with diverse advantages and applications of floating microspheres. Numerous significant research findings in the vistas of these multiparticulates have also been described.