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Laboratory Evaluation of Torque Loss in Titanium Abutments, One- and Two-Piece Zirconia Under Cyclic Loading

Author(s): Bijan Heidari and Hammed Amraei

Objectives: The present study aimed to evaluate the torque loss in titanium abutment, one- and two-piece zirconia under cyclic loading. Methods: In this experimental study, two types of zirconium systems and a titanium group were studied. In total, implants were divided into 3 groups and 24 abutments, classified into 3 groups of 8. The abutments were attached to the implants with a torque of 30 N cm and the samples were subjected to a force of 30 degrees to the central part of the abutments, and a force of 100 N was used with 120,000 cycles at a frequency of 1.2 Hz. After completing the loading repetitions, the removal torque value was calculated for each abutment and the numerical mean was calculated and the differences between the groups were compared by SPSS software version 16 by ANOVA and Games-Howell test at a significance level of 0.05. Results: In this study, the mean values of the removal torque in titanium abutment groups and two- and one-piece zirconia abutments were 23.925, 23.913, and 22.538 N cm, respectively, without statistically significant difference. Conclusion: The greatest mean removal torque was related to titanium abutment group and the least to one-piece zirconium group, although no statistically significant difference was observed between the groups.