Latest progresses of laser applications in industry | Abstract
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Latest progresses of laser applications in industry

Author(s): Mahmoud Moradi

Laser energy is widely used as a tool for manufacturing in industries which is called Laser Materials Processing. Laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser surface engineering (laser coating, laser hardening and peening), laser forming, laser hybrid processes and laser additive manufacturing are some of the key applications of laser in industries. Laser can improve the efficiency, quality, and capabilities of the production processes. Laser materials processing plays a crucial role in new manufacturing era. In this speech different applications and physical mechanisms of laser materials processing will be introduced briefly. The significance and advantages of using laser in industry will be presented as well. Selecting the appropriate type of laser for special manufacturing process will be explained. Latest researches on laser application in industries are presented. State of the art in laser materials processing, recent accomplishments and the future of laser application in industries will be discussed.