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Author(s): Zeynab Farnam

To achieve the relation between mass and velocity, we must be aware of the factors affecting the mass when it is speeding.
Stagnation, momentum and time are the most essential factors of speed recognition, and the precise definition of them helps the
relationship between mass and velocity. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting rest mass when it is speeding,
and what factors affect velocity, and what factors are ineffective at high speeds. If we correctly express the relation of velocity with
pressure, gravity, and density, we will reach the relation between mass and velocity. The velocity causes expansion and contraction,
and modifies the state of the mass when a mass travels 299792458 meters in one second, it converts into energy, and when it travels
299792458 meters in less than a second, it converts into anti-mass or meta-energy. Dark energy and dark matter constitute 95% of
the observable Universe