Nanoparticles and Its Applications | Abstract
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Nanoparticles and Its Applications

Author(s): Kristen Gray

Nanotechnology is a technology that deals with items that are only a few nanometers in size. Nanotechnology is projected to develop on various levels, including materials, devices, and systems. Nano materials are currently the most advanced, both in terms of scientific understanding and commercial uses. Nanoparticles were investigated a decade ago because of their sizedependent physical and chemical features. They’ve now moved on to commercial exploration. Cells in living animals are typically 10 meters in diameter. The cell pieces, on the other hand, are significantly smaller, measuring in the sub-micron range. Proteins are even smaller, with a mean size of just 5 nm, comparable to the dimensions of the tiniest artificial nanoparticles. This simple size comparison suggests that nanoparticles could be used as extremely small probes to see cellular machinery without causing too much interference.