Pharmacognostic Evaluation of the Leaves of Plumeria pudica | Abstract
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Pharmacognostic Evaluation of the Leaves of Plumeria pudica

Author(s): Radhika B

The exsisting study aims the examination of pharmacognostic parameters of the leaves and leaf powder of plant Plumeria pudica belongs to the family Apocynaceae. The histological studies gives the transverse section (TS) of leaf and powder characters like xylem vessels, calcium oxlate crystals, and the quantitative microscopy like veinislet, vein termination, stomatal number, stomatal index, palisade ratio of the leaves was studied and characters of leaves were documented. Physicochemical parameters like total ash value, water soluble ash value and acid insoluble ash value were determined. The water soluble extractive, ether soluble extractive alcohol soluble extractive and ether soluble extractive were also determined. The results obtained from standardization of Leaves of Plumeria pudica reveals details of the microscopical and macroscopical characters, physicochemical characters that characterize avoiding the adultration from the genuine plant drug. The present study provides pharmacognostical, and physicochemical details of the leaves of Plumeria Pudica which are useful in laying down standardization and pharmacopoeia parameters.