Pharmacological potential of fish extracts | Abstract
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Pharmacological potential of fish extracts

Author(s): R.Vignesh, M.A.Badhul Haq, K.Devanathan ,M.Srinivasan

In the recent years there has been an increased research interest to develop cardio protective and other pharmacological therapies from natural sources like animals and plants from marine origin. Fish proteins extracts and their and their hydrolysates are the best protein compounds in terms of nutrition and other health promoting benefits. The fish extracts are studied to larger extents and said has been proved that they contain promising health benefit molecules. Chemicals produced by or found in marine organisms have been shown to have a wide variety of applications as pharmaceuticals for humans and other animals. Several studies have stated that the compounds of fish muscle have antioxdative properties which include ascorbic acid, uric acid, glutathione, polyamines, histidine containing dipeptides and free amino acids Uses have included antibacterial, and antiviral and anti-tumor agents. Particular attention has been paid to a variety of toxins formed by marine organisms. Nutraceuticals constitute a variety of substances used in the food supplement and natural health markets. This review paper highlights the important functions and pharmacological potentials of fish proteins and their extracts.