Plasma thiol levels in pregnancy induced hypertension in Nigerians | Abstract
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Plasma thiol levels in pregnancy induced hypertension in Nigerians

Author(s): Modupe Fisayo ASAOLU, Samuel Sunday ASAOLU, Ajibade Olugbenga OYEYEMI

The association between plasma thiol (homocysteine, cysteine and glutathione) levels and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) in Nigerian women was investigated. The levels of cysteine and homocysteine in pregnancy induced hypertensive subjects were significantly higher (P<0.05) than the normotensive subjects and plasma glutathione was lower in PIH than in normotensive pregnancy. Postpartum levels of cysteine as well as homocysteine were lower in PIH and normotensive pregnancy when compared with the corresponding postpartum values. However, glutathione levels were significantly higher P<0.05 in normotensive non - pregnant as well as in normotensive women compared with hypertensive women, during as well as after pregnancy. Our findings indicate that the alterations in plasma thiol levels might be related with the pathogenesis of pregnancy Induced hypertension in Nigerian pregnant women.