Profile of Eye Camp: An Assessment of Presbyopia among People | Abstract
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Profile of Eye Camp: An Assessment of Presbyopia among People

Author(s): Alamu T. O., Fomete D. M., Akubo I. U., Wuraola F. O

Presbyopia poses an important public health challenges because it affects older people ability to maintain their economic independence. This study on the assessment of presbyopia as a refractive error among ages 40 -60 years was undertaken at Ahmadu Bello University ABUTH Zaria during the eye camp, two hundred and ninety seven had refractive error; forty respondences were selected as the sample size. Systematic sampling technique under the probability sampling was used to select the respondents. Finding shows that ages 40 – 60 had more cases of prebyopia which shows that it is age related. 90% of the respondents have good far vision with visual acuity of 6/6 – 6/18 which is a satisfactory vision for distance vision but unsatisfactory for near vision because of inability to read small prints. Early and periodical eye screening will be necessary for quick diagnosis of presbyopia and it will enable older people maintain their economic independence.