Reclamation of waste water | Abstract
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Reclamation of waste water

Author(s): Shilpi Saxena, Gaurav Kr. Rastogi, Saloni Gangal

Water is a precious natural resource without which life cannot exist. As it is available in fixed quantum thus reclamation of this natural resource is very essential to meet the requirement of continuously increasing population. Without effective planning and management per capita availability of utilizable water is going down. The increasing gap between water available to water require, highlight the importance of waste water reclamation. Reclamation of waste water is not only includes the sewage reclamation but also done for domestic waste water and industrial waste water. Effluents discharged by the industrial and domestic applicants is reclaim to produce an environmently safe water for living being and reuse for non potable application. Water reclamation is also a very effective tool in controlling the water pollution and conservation. In view f above the present study was taken up to reclaim the waste water of textile plants and making it useful for non potable purpose.