Rheological studies of hybrid composites of Polypropylene | Abstract
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Rheological studies of hybrid composites of Polypropylene

Author(s): Himani J* and Purnima J

Melt rheological properties of Polypropylene and its composites with various GF and WF loadings have been systematically studied in this work. In all the compositions of “A”, “B” and “C”, loss modulus (G'') is more than the storage modulus (G') indicates that the viscous behaviour dominates over the elastic behaviour. All the composites show long term stabilities as observed in the graphical presentations of loss modulus, storage modulus, loss factor and complex viscosity values. Loss modulus is highest for the composition having both grafted PP and impact modifier at high frequency. Hybrid composites have greater values of storage modulus than neat PP indicating the increased stiffness of the composites than the polymer. The values of complex viscosity show significant difference at the low frequency region.